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Articulation / Speech

Children may have difficulty saying certain speech sounds. It may be difficult to understand what they are saying.  They may substitute one sound for another, leave sounds out, add sounds, or change a sound. 



Literacy is a person's ability to read and write.  Literacy development includes: letter/sound recognition, vocabulary, print awareness, decoding, reading, and writing. 


Language is a person's ability to understand and express messages. This includes: asking and answering questions, following directions, using appropriate grammar, and much more. Language can also be non-verbal (e.g., pointing and gestures). 

Social Communication

Social communication is how a person uses language in social context; eye contact, gestures, taking other people's perspective, using appropriate language, and varying tone.

Fluency / Stuttering

Fluency is a person's ability to speak without disruption  and with appropriate rate.  Disfluency (or also known as stuttering) occurs when there is a disruption while speaking. 

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