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Tips for Fun and Effective Reading with Your Child

Reading books with your child is an excellent way to build communication skills and world knowledge through natural one-on-one interaction. Here are some tips to make reading more fun and build your child's language skills:

  • Let your child read the book in their own way, talk about pictures, ask questions, and act out the story.

  • Use a variety of words to talk about the pictures, highlight important words, expand on what your child is saying, and build on their understanding.

  • Encourage your child to think beyond the pages of the book, predict what might happen next, compare and contrast, make inferences, identify problems and solutions, and sequence events.

  • Consider combining books with technology using the Moonlite storybook projector for a fun and engaging reading experience.

  • Remember, reading with your child is an experience and can happen in many different ways. Incorporate reading into different times of the day and follow your child's lead.

The benefits of reading with your child are countless, and for children with specific speech and language goals, books are a great way to target those goals in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way. So, grab a book, have fun, and start reading with your child today!

If you have any questions regarding your child's speech development. Please contact me here.

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